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Osmund de Silva

Osmund de Silva, a  coloursman in athletics at Ananda, went   on to be the first Buddhist Inspector General of  Police. As a  conscientious officer, Osmund refused  to carry out inappropriate orders of the Prime Minister and for that he was removed.                                                                                    

The Sinhala Buddhist associations, which were active in electing S W R D Bandaranaike as Prime Minister, vehemently opposed the  removal on the grounds that he was a Buddhist and that his successor would be a Christian.

The Prime Minister   was  sensitive to this call and selected a Buddhist from the Civil Service  to succeed him..

M. W. F. Abeykoon

Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike choice’s as successor to Osmund De Silva was civil servant M.W.F. Abeykoon. He was the first and only civilian to have held  this office. The Police top brass was aghast at this. Though divided among themselves the senior DIG’s were united in opposing an outsider. The senior Police officers irrespective of racial and religious differences met together and discussed the situation. One idea mooted was for all senior Police officers to resign en masse in symbolic protest. It was however ruled out because such drastic action could demoralize the Police service and trigger off a major calamity.
Since the Premier was vehemently insisting that a Buddhist should be made IGP the senior non Buddhist  DIG’s in a remarkable gesture resolved to shelve their rightful claim and opt for a viable alternative. They decided to select the senior most Buddhist Police officer in service, Stanley Senanayake and ask the Prime minister to appoint him as the IGP and pledged to serve under him diligently.  Stanley Senanayake  was a police Superintendent (SP) at that time. He had joined the Police force as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in 1943. But the Prime Minister went on with his appointment.

Dr. Mahinda Balasuriya

Dr. Balasuriya joined the Police Department in 1978 and was appointed IGP on November 2, 2009 following the retirement of the then IGP Jayantha Wickremaratne. He was awarded a PhD by the St. Petersburg University of Russia. The IGP earned his doctorate for his studies on terrorism in Sri Lanka and subject of national security. IGP Balasuriya also holds a BSc. in Chemistry and had previously held the posts of Senior DIG Admin, Ops Command, Transport and Communication and Welfare at the Police Headquarters.  He was also the pioneer in introducing the 119 Police Emergency Service in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Balasuriya handed over his resignation with effect from 17th June 2011 at the age of 58. According to the Media Center for National Security,  IGP Balasuriya wrote history as the first ever government senior official to forward his resignation in response to the act of misconduct of his subordinates. In his retirement announcement, IGP Balasuriya stated that, the actions initiated against employees of the Free Trade Zone by the Police at Katunayake, on 30th May 2011, was unsatisfactory and that he will never shy away from his responsibility.

Senior Old Anandians attached the Police

RETD/Snr.DIG    Mr. K.P.P. Pathirana                                     Co- ordinating Sec to HE the President

RETD/DIG            Mr. A.D.U.S.K. Gunasekara

RETD/DIG            Mr. K.L.M. Sarathchandara                          Co- ordinating Sec to HE the President

RETD/DIG            Mr. H.K.S. Pinidiya

RETD/DIG            Mr. N.D.L. Dalpadathu

RETD/SSP            Mr. Upali Silva

RETD/SSP            Mr. H.D.U.A. Dharmasena

RETD/SSP           Mr.Ceci  Kariyawasam

RETD/ASP            Mr. Prasanna Ginige

Serving Officers

Snr.DIG                    Mr. Chandana Wickramarathne North Central Range

DIG                          Mr. P.S.K. Dayananda                                              North Central

SSP                         Mr. M. Indu Karunarathne                                          East Tiomor

SP                           Mr. L.C. Gunawardana                                              Monaragala

SP                           Mr. Ajith Rohana                                                      PHQ

SP                           Mr. S.P. Ranagala                                                   Ampara

SP                           Mr. D.J. Palihakkara                                                 PMSD

SP                           Mr. Ravi Pieris                                                         Ex. PSD iv

SP                           Mr. P.S.R. Dayananda                                             Colombo Central

ASP                        Mr. U.S.I. Perera                                                      IR

ASP                        Mr. T.P. Gamalath                                                   CCTV

ASP                        Mr. S.M.Y. Senewirathne                                         Colombo South II

ASP                        Mr. G.K.J. Aponsu                                                  PHQ

ASP                        Mr. J.S. Weerasekara                                             Transport

ASP                        Mr. S.R.A.R. Singhebahu                                        STF

ASP                        Mr. Ayesh Weerakkody                                          SIS

ASP                        Mr. Athula Weerasinghe                                         Seethawaka

ASP                        Mr. Janaka Gunathilaka                                          Mulathiw

ASP                        Mr. D.D.D.K. Hettiarchchi                                       STF

ASP                        Mr. Deepthi Disanayaka                                         PHQ

ASP                        Mr. A.P. Naugalage                                               MSD

ASP                        Mr. Roshan Dias                                                   TPT Division

ASP                        Mr. S.P. Wijesekara                                             Ampara

Died in Action

Mr. Naya Gunarathna                                                                         STF

Mr. Damayantha Wimalarathna                                                           STF

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