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Buddhist association Model United Nations
The Radio Club Saukyadana Unit
Senior Brass Band Young Inventors Society
News broadcasting unit Automobile Engineering Association
Student Counselling and Career Guidance Unit උරුමය සුරකින්නන්ගේ සංගමය
“Siththarananai“ Art Forum Music Circle
Chemistry Society English Debating Society
English Drama Society English Literary Union
Physical Science Society School Bus & Railway Society
Sinhala Debating and Oratory Society Sinhala Language Unit
Traffic Control Unit Commerce Society
Political Science Society Bank of Ceylon ‘Ran Kekulu’ Student’s Society
Biology Society Astronomical Society

Photographic and Film Society

Buddhist association

Eshtablished - 1940

Objective - To serve the Mother Ananda, the premier Buddhist School in the country to have unique identity

Activities carried out in the year 2011

To be the proud organizers of 125th Founders Day with the following activities

  • inter school debate and quiz contest
  • the debate and quiz contest  with in the college
  • the Annual Alms giving ceremony
  • All night- Pirith Ceremony
  • The historic display of the  Buddha’s sacred relic in  Commemorate with the “ Anada Abhiman” celebrations
  • Exhibition of Anandians Creative Work related to Buddhism .
  • Conducted  the “2600 Sambuddha Jayanathi” in a grand scale related activities were
  • Conduct Bhakthi Gee event
  • Display of Vesak Lanters
  • Blood donation campaign
  • Hosting of a “Dansela”
  • Rehabilitation of underprivileged schools- a  project was launched at Karankahawa school in Haludummulla
  • Conducted a leadership training workshop
  • Participated at the launching of commission to look into forcible conversions to other religions, representing Aanada College.
  • conducted Dharma Seminars on “Poya Days”
  • religious activities on daily basis
  • conducting First Aid actives within the school premises
  • conducted” Sil Campaign”
  • issued two editions of the “ Ananda News Journal”

Honorable Chief Advisor - Venerable Valhabuthenne Nandasumana Thero

Advisory Committee - Venerable Atthapattukande Ananda Thero

                              - Venerable Hanguanketha Chandrarathna Thero

                              - Venerable Rammala Dhammarakkhitha Thero

                              - Venerable Habarakada Jinanada Thero

                              - Venerable Ranhegoda Sumana Thero

President - Janath Abersinghe

Secretary - Arosha Dilshan

Treasurer - Kelum Chandrashan

Model United Nations

Established - 2005

Objective - Promote Diplomacy

Projects Launched: SAARC 2005, SAARC 2006, SAARC 2007, SLMUN 2008

Recent Victories and National and International Achievements(for past three years):

  • SLMUN 2010 – Secretary General – Kithmina Hewage
  • SLMUN 2013 – Secretary General – Kemiya Kodithuwakku

Past Achievements(Special Victories/Names of Students/Records etc.)

  • Best foreign delegation – *2004 (INMUN)
  • Best delegation – 2006 (INMUN)
  • Best delegation – 2008 (INMUN)
  • Best delegate in COMUN, SLMUN, DPS MUN and UNA USA

Current Officials

President - Thilina Udayaratne

Secretary - Minul Muhandirmge/Dulanjana Kumaratunge

Treasurer - Kanishka Wijewardane

Vice President - Maneesha Uduwana 

Committee Members - Dinusha Pathirana, Jithnuka Thenuwara,Tharusha Fernando

Teacher in Charge - Mrs. S.D.K. Dharmaratne

Name and Contact Numbers of the Coordinator to interact with the Committee

  • Thilina Udayaratne (071-2089171)

The Radio Club

Established - 1936


To be the best radio club ever goes upon the boundaries while providing well developed media personalities to the nation who got the knowledge and skills in the all sections of mass media such as controlling, balancing, mixing and announcing skills through the real experiences.


Our aim is to stamp out all the sound requirements inside the school while exposing young anandians to get the experience of mass media through our transmissions. While moving on with the state of art technology, we always provide our technical assistance for other schools.

Past Projects


  • Television Workshop
  • Electricity Day
  • “Anada Handa”-The first ever FM transmission launched by a school


  • “Ananda Ridma” – 5 days FM transmission


  • Television workshop of 3 days
  • Electronic day


  • Film Festival
  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • Electronic communication and information technology daya
  • “Rhythm FM”


  • Film Festival
  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • Electronic communication and information technology daya
  • “Rhythm FM”


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Ananda Ridma”- FM transmission of 5 days


  • Electronic workshop of 2 days with participation of 300 students
  • EC and IT day
  • EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Ananda Ridma”- FM transmission of 6 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Kalathraya” – EC and IT day was introduced as Kalathraya
  • “Visnada” – organized a FM transmission together with Visaka Vidyalaya
  • “Ananda TV” – The first ever TV station launched by a school
  • “Ananda Ridma” – FM transmission of 6 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Kalathraya” – EC and IT day
  • “Ananda Ridma” – FM transmission of 7 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Kalathraya” – EC and IT workshop and day
  • Established the media unit at Sapugaskanda Visaka Vidyalaya


  • “Ananda Ridma” – FM transmission of 10 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Ananda Ridma” – FM transmission of 11 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Kalathraya” – EC and IT day
  • “Ananda Ridma” – FM transmission of 12 days


  • All island EC and IT quiz competition
  • “Kalathraya” – EC and IT day
  • “Ananda Ridma” launched with “Kalathraya” EC and IT day – FM transmission of 15 days 

President - Maheesara Jayasinghe

Secretary -

Treasurer - Thsuhan Asanga

Chief Organizer - Kalindu Rasanjana

Committee Members - Joint Secretaries-Kawshalya Dushyan/Gihan Kasthuri

Technical Instructor - Ranjith Hewage

Teacher in Charge - Mr. K.U. Rathnapala

Saukyadana Unit

The history of Saukyadana runs back for 5 decades. On the “Median Poya” day of March, 1959 a young physician Dr. Vajiranath Lakshman De Silva and his group climbed Adam's peak (Sri Pada) across Ratnapura trail. The young driving force of their hectic journey was their strong will power. They saw elders suffering from hunger, fever and illnesses, along the way and they were kind enough to offer the medicine they carried with them to the aid of them. Based on this incident a volunteer organization named Saukyadana was formed under the guidance of Dr. Vajiranath Lakshman De Silva.

So to carry on this noble service the Saukyadana Unit of Ananda College was formed in 1966. It is still a leading unit which functions hard in hard with every school event.The reason for this special attention towards the Saukyadana unit is that it functions throughout the school on a daily basis. The Saukyadana unit even provides First-Aid care to students during the assembling hours. It is a unit which maintains the pride of Mother Ananda through hard work and dedication within the school and even outside.


  1. Provide the medical treatments to school students during the school hours.
  2. Serve the helpless devotes freely during the Sri Pada devotion season.
  3. Implement programs to wipe out the environment pollution in the society.
  4. Make aware the school community organizing the health workshops.
  5. Provide free medical facilities for the Sports Meets, Camps and other Public events.
  6. Provide the knowledge and ideals for the well beings of the healthy life.
  7. Prevent the young generations from the Drugs, Addiction and Smoking.
  8. Not expect the benefits only expect the vast Self-satisfaction. 

Projects Launched: Organized a car wash, Organized a competition “Best first-aid unit of the year”

President - Chamara Perera

Secretary - Tharusha Perera

Treasurer - Hashitha Welivitigoda

Vice President - Pubudu Ranasinghe

Chief Organizer - Sathira Dharmawansa

Committee Members - Vice Secretary-Naveen Dahanayake, Vice Treasurer-Madura Wijeratne, Ashen Samarakoon, Dinidu Kodikara, Chaminda Lokunarangoda,Kumuthu Siriniwansa

Teacher in Charge - Mr. Arosh Jayasinghe

Saukyadana   Saukyadana   Saukyadana

Senior Brass Band

Established - 1991

Objective - To conquer or Perish

Brass Band1

Projects Launched

  • “prashanthi”-Proud organizer of the biggest Brass Band Concert in Sri Lanka for the 11th dignified years

Recent Victories and National and International Achievements(for past three years)

  • Won prestigious President’s Trophy awarded for the Best Brass Band  in Sri Lanka. By the ministry of Education in 2011
  • Won the championship of “Instriago” , a competition organized  by the National Youth Music Council.

Historical Accounts

- Was  the only band to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Charles in 1998 when he visited Sri Lanka for the 50th Independence Day Celebration

- Became the first and the only non cadet band to win  the brass band championship Trphy twice in 1997 and 1999

- Won the Brass Band Competition organized by the Navy Band of Sri Lanka in 2003.

Leader - Deeptha Wijerathne

Asst. Leader - Sachintha Wickramasinghe

Asst. Leader - Yoshitha premarathne

Music Director - Anjana Sandeepa

Super Seniors - Devin Udesh,Bihan Cabral,Primira Saranga,Shamal Ranasinghe,Thisara Dharshana,Lahiru Perera

Teacher in Charge - Mr. K.M Rathnapala

Brass Band2

Young Inventors Society

Established - 1991

Objective - To find out the innovative students and let them to introduce their inventions to the world and make good innovative minds

Projects Launched - All Island new inventions competition and exhibition “AVRORA13


  • 1992-Thusitha Jayawardana won the 1st place in J.I.Y. organized by IESL.
  • 1994 -Kemitha Abesinghe won the 1st place in the competition organized by SLIC.
  • 1995- Became the Best Young Inventors Society.
  • 1996-L.A.Dewadithya won the 1st and 2st places in the competition organized by SLIC.
  • 1997-W.Dinesh Fernando won the 1st place and Chamil Alwis Weerasiriwardana won the 2nd place in the competition organized by SLIC.
  • 1997-Chamil Alwise Weerasiriwardana won the 2nd place and W.Dinesh Fernando won the 3rd place in the International New Invention competition held at Geneewa.
  • 2006- Nayana Sumanga Rajapaksha won the 1st place and Sadew Methmal kalubowila won the 2nd place in the competition organized by SLIC.
  • 2007- Nayana Sumanga Rajapaksha won the 1st place in the competition held at New Delhi, India.
  • 2007-Was nominated as the Host school for the Colombo District competition of the SLIC.
  • 2007-Yasitha Kanchana Lokuge won the 1st place in the in New Inventions competition organized by the Colombo University Physical Faculty.
  • 2007-Yasith Kanchana Lokuge won the 1st place in the J.I.Y organized by IESL.
  • 2007-Dilan Praboda Upalirathna and Randimal Gunathilake won merit Awards in J.I.Y. organized by IESL.
  • 2008-Chandula Padmasiri won the 1st place and Ganidu Nanaykkara, Janith kalpa Gunarathne won the 2 nd place in J.Y.I organized by SLIC.
  • 2008-Ganidu Nanyakkara and Janith Kalpa Gunarathne won the 4th Place and Chandula Padmasiri won the 5th place in J.I.Y. Organizes by IESL.
  • 2008-Chandula Pathmasiri won the 1st place in the competition Organized by Sri Lanka Engineering Institution.
  • 2008-Yasitha Kanchana Lokuge represented Sri Lanka for the first Time in Sri Lanka at ISEF organized by Intel at the U.S.A.
  • 2008- Yasitha Kanchana Lokuge won the silver and bronze medals In the 5 th Science and Engineering competition held at Thaipay, Thailand.
  • 2008-Yasitha Kanchana Lokuge received the award “Herbert Young Engineer” by Herbert Hoover Library, USA.
  • 2009-Chandula Pathmasiri won the 3rd place in ISEF organized by Intel, USA.
  • 2009-Selected three inventions from Sri Lanka to exhibit at Dayata Kirula.All three invention came through ACYLS.
  • 2009-Ganidu Nanaykkara won the 1 st place in J.I.Y. organized by IESL.
  • 2009-Dilukshan Rashan Wanniarachi won the 1st place at”Innomech’’ Organized by University of Moratuwa.
  • 2009-Gayathra Amodh Dharmarathne won the 1st place and Dilukshan Rashan Wanniarachi won the 2nd place in the All Island Invention Competiton organized by Colombo University and Science Foundation.
  • 2009-Best Young Inventors Society in Sri Lanka and Best Master in Charge for Mr.Dhrmapala recived by his Excellence the president Of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksha.


  • 2010-Gayathra Amodh Dharmarathna won the 1st place in District Competition organized by National Child Protection Authority for the children’s day.
  • 2010-Gayathra Amodh Dharmarathna won the 1st place in Provincial Competition organized by National Child Protection Authority for the children’s day and Ramith Hettiarachchi won the 2nd  
  • Place.
  • 2010-Ganidu Nanayakkara won the 1st place in J.I.Y.organized by IESL and also won the 1st place in ISEF which is organized by Intel, USA among the 1500 participants.
  • 2010-A Minor Planet was named for the contribution Ganidu Nanayakkara done for the world. (Minor Planet -26441)
  • 2011- Thimira Sanuka won the 1st place, Gayathra Amodh Dharmarahne Won the 2nd place and Ramith Hettiarachchi won the 3rd place In J.I.Y.organized by IESL.
  • 2011-Thimira Sanuka Thilakarathne won a merit award in ISEF Organized by Intel, USA. 2012-Held one of the Major stalls in Ananda Abhimana and became the best stall.
  • 2012-Became the most popular young inventor’s society by the audiences Votes “Sahasak Nimawum 12”. -Won a special prize for sending the large number of participants from a single school. Most of them participated for the final Round. -Won the highest number of awards from the “Sahasak Nimawum 12”organized by SLIC.
  • 2012-Sadev Methmal Kalubowila won the 1st place in the competition Organized by Colombo University and Science Foundation

President - P.W.P.I.Pilapitiya

Secretary - D.R. Wanniararchchi

Treasurer - P.T. Jayathilake

Vice President - Dhanuka Perera

Chief Organizer - Damitha Lenadora/Kushan Hansika

Teacher in Charge: Mr. C. Athukorala

Name and Contact Numbers of the Coordinator to interact with the Committee

  • Mr. C. Athukorala (071-8029051)

News broadcasting unit

Established - 1973  

Objective - To highlight Anandians with excellent communication skills and mold them to be talented media personals and there by contribute to the nation.

Tasks accomplished 2011

  • Organized the “ Best Announcer Contest” within the school
  • Organized the  All Island Inter School Announcing  Competition in 2011 with the supervision of the Ministry of Mass media and News
  • Hosted the  event “Sandeshaya 2011”- the annual commemorative festival and the workshop
  • Rounded up all student media personnel and brought them under one flag ‘ Student Media circle of Sri Lanka’ .
  • During ‘Ananda Abhiman’ exhibition commemorating 125 years of existence of College launched ‘Sandeshaya TV’.
  • Launched an Anti-Drug campaign with assistance of Colombo Plan.
  • Undertook announcing duties for prize giving, inter-house sports meets and colours- nite etc.
  • Making all important announcement and News on the college PA system.

Victories in 2011





Devi Balika inter-school announcing competition




Museues inter-school announcing competition

Open - cartoon



Dharmaraja inter-school announcing competition




Nalanda inter-school announcing competition 2011




Gothami Balika inter-school announcing competition

Group – Radio broadcasting



Nalanda inter-school announcing competition 2012





Senior – Open Sports commentary



  • Secured overall championship in “Sambhasha” Media –day tournament organized by the Nalanda Media Unit.
  • Secured third place in the Interschool Announcing Championship organized by the Dharmaraja Media Unit.

Teacher in Charge - Venerable Hanguranketha Chandraratana Thero

                               - Mr. Dhammika Perera                

President - Ishan Bandra

Joint Secretaries  - Ushantha Samaraweera

                          - Thisaruwan Ratnayake

Treasurer - Keshan Thilina             

Automobile Engineering Association

Established - 2011

Objective - To understand the design of an automobile and learn automobile repair

Victories secured in the 2011

  • To encourage new inventions.
  • Held special forums on Automobile Engineering.
  • Held workshops on new developments and display models.

Teacher in Charge - Mr. K.A. P. Seneviratne

President - T.A.Arunalu Udana

Secretary - W.P. Ireshan Madhumadawa

Treasurer - Isuru  Samarasekara

Student Counselling and Career Guidance Unit

Established - 2009

Objective - To provide carrier guidance to the college students.

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011

  • Held annual carrier guidance day.
  • Held annual awareness programme for students and parents in helping selection of AL subjects.
  • Provide private counseling for students referred by teachers and parents.
  • Carrier guidance.

Teacher in Charge - Ms. Champika Kariyawasam

President - Sachindu Herat

Secretary - Thisal Gamage

Treasurer - Tharingdu Dhanajaya

උරුමය සුරකින්නන්ගේ සංගමය

Established - 2010

Objective - To educate students to identify historical national heritage of the counrty

Activities and achievements in the year 2011

  • Field trips
  • Inter school Literary Quize competitions
  • Making the contribution to the “Ananda Abhiman” Educational Exhibition on the theme of “Wewai Dagebai Gamai pansalai”

Teacher in Charge - Mr. A.N. Ranasinghe

President - Isuru kumara Perera

Secretary - Mayantha Perera

Treasurer - Sandaru Radaliyagoda

“Siththarananai“ Art Forum

Established - 2004

Objective -  To develop the art and painting skills

Achievements in 2011

  • Awarded Merit at Solias Mendis Art Competition
  • Awarded Merit and Excellence Performance Award at “Homran Sisu Pabasara” Art competition
  • Beautifying the wall 150 m long at Jayadipathi Mawatha on the theme of Historical Incidents on the invitation Presidential Secretariat

Teacher in Charge - Ms. Thamara Damayanthi

President - Mayantha Perera

Secretary - Ishara Prasad

Treasurer - Iisira Udayanga

Music Circle

Established - 1976

Objective - improve the student’s vocal and instrumental skills

Activities and achievements in the year 2011

  • First place – in the instrumental Calypso category at Colombo zonal level competition
  • First place- in the Estern Ragadgaree group song category at Colombo zonal level competition
  • First place- in the”Swarwabhinandana Bhakthi Gee” organized by Gothami  Balika Vidyalaya
  • Organizing the annual musical show “Rhythm Of the Maroons”
  • Presenting devotional songs (Bhakthi Gee) on Wesak  and Poson full moon poya days.
  • Presenting variety of entertainment shows at  “125 Ananda Abhiman”  exhibition
  • Presenting music al items at Annual Prize Giving Ceremony.
  • Presenting Items at the Annual Colors Night of Ananada
  • Providing musical entertainments at various events and programs conducted in the college

Teacher in Charge - Mr K.M. Ratnapala

President - P.H.Thisula Imanka

Secretary - Achinga Kodithuwakku

Treasurer - Sujan Jayasinghe

Chemistry Society

Established - 1960

Objective - Increase the popularity of Chemistry subject among the students and direct the attention of students for Chemistry practical.

Activities and achievements in 2011

  • Successfully maintained a stall at the CHEMEX -2011 exhibition organized by Chemistry association for the Chemistry year 2011.
  • Contributed from the Chemistry section for the Science Day -2011 organized by the Science Society.
  • Won the all island Chemistry competition in 2011.

Teacher In Charge - Ms. H. R. P. Sigera / Ms. R. R. Rajapaksha

President - Randika Nawagamuwa

Secretary - Chanaka Singhabahu

Treasurer - Sachith Amoda

English Debating Society

Established -

Objectives - Develop debating and speech skills of students, improve English language skills among students and develop students with balanced personality.

Achievements in 2011

  • Lithmal Jayawardhana was selected to represent the national schools debating team.
  • Novices’ champions of Nixon’s Championship Shield organized by Ladies College, Colombo.
  • Semi Quarter Finalists of debating competitions conducted by D. S. Senanayake, Musius and Ladies Colleges.

Teacher In Charge - Ms. Isha Liyanage / Ms. Ramya Samaradivakara

English Drama Society

Established - 2006

Objective - Develop English language and acting skills with the help of English drama and ignite leadership and organizing skills among students.

Activities in 2011

  • Representing students in various Drama competitions.
  • Training and directing students for the annual Shakespeare Drama competitions.

Achievements in 2011

  • Winning 3rd place in all-island Shakespeare drama competition conducted by Young Men’s Christian Association, Colombo and the Rotary Club.
  • Winning 2nd place in Shakespeare drama competition conducted by Alethia International School in association with the Cambridge University.

Teacher In Charge - Mr. R. R. Rohana / Ms. R. P. Samaradivakara

President - K. G. Batawala

Secretary - Prashan Gamage

Treasurer - Chathusha Wijenayake

English Literary Union

Established - 

Objective - Develop all skills related to English language for students to face future challenges.

Activities in 2011

  • Encourage students to achieve victories in inter-school and divisional levels in English Language Day competition.
  • Representing students in various English language related competitions conducted by various institutions.
  • Organizing English Language Day.

Achievements in 2011

  • School, divisional and provincial level victories in English Language Day competitions.

Teacher In Charge - Mr. R. R. Rohana / Mr. R. Ellawala / Ms. Swarna Gajanayaka / Ms. Shyamali Perera / Ms. Kokila Dharmarathne

President - Kasun Sigera

Secretary - Charith Dissanayake

Treasurer - Bharatha Adithya Wijekoon

Physical Science Society

Established - 2002

Objective - Develop the knowledge on Physical Science.

Activities and achievements in 2011

  • In order to improve results of Physical Science, conducted a seminar on “Clone Technology” with the valuable contribution from University lecturers. As part of fulfilling corporate responsibility of Ananda College, invited approximately 900 advance level students of Physical Science stream from other schools to this seminar to share the knowledge.
  • Organized a special educational stall at the Anada Abhiman Exhibition.

Teacher in Charge - Ms Mallika Kariyawasam / Mr. M.W.S. Ruwangana

President - Dimesh Perera

Secretary - Thisura Vithana

Treasurer - Thisal Gamage

School Bus & Railway Society

Established - 2001

Objective - To uphold college’s good name whilst commuting.  To ensure to look after one’s own safety whilst commuting and to travel to and from home to school on time.

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011.

  • Added 04 bus services under “Sisusariya’ project for students of Ananda College, as below.

       i.  180  Nittambuwa Route.               ii. 190 Meegoda Route

       iii. 190  Meepe Route                       iv. 226 Dekatana Route

  • As the services begin from college premises the teachers and students are immensely benefitted.
  • The season tickets are being issued at the college itself.
  • Lives of teachers and students were able to be saved from a fatal accident on the route no 180.
  • Have been able to up hold educational efforts of college, keeping to the aims of the society and college.
  • Have laid plans to deploy more new busses in new routes.
  • Have also consulted ‘Micro Company’ for a new project.
  • Have arranged parking of busses along the Ananda Mawatha in an orderly manner.
  • Been able to avoid student clashes through efficient planning.

Teacher in Charge - Mr Bandulasiri Pilanawithanage

President - Charupriya Salgado

Secretary - H.H.P.Y. Manchanayake

Treasurer - Samitha Lakshan

Sinhala Debating and Oratory Society

Established - 1972

Objective - To develope oratory skills among college students and external students

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011.

Debating Sector

  • Become runners up in the “ Waag 2011” organized by samudradevi Balika Vidyalaya
  • Become runners up in the “Wagangana 2011” organized by Vishaka Vidyalaya
  • District championship at Shantha Banara Memorial Debating Competition organized by the University  of Peradeniya.
  • All Island Semifinalists at Shantha Banara Memorial Debating Competition organized by the University  of Peradeniya.
  • Semi Finalists of Debating Competition organized  by the Law Faculty.

Oratory Sector

  • First Place -  Senior Section in “Surasisira “ organized by Thurstan College
  • First Place -  Junior Section in “Surasisira “ organized by Thurstan College
  • First Place -  Junior Section in “Wagangana 2011 “ organized by Visahka Vidyalaya
  • All island First Place  in Wagangana 2011 “ organized by Visahka Vidyalaya

Teacher in Charge - Miss Suneetha Edirisinghe

President - KAsun Dulanja Weeraratne

Secretary - Bharata Ratnayake

Treasurer - Lakshana Witharana

Sinhala Language Unit

Established -

Objectives - Develop Sinhala Language proficiency among students.

Achievements in 2011 - Representing the club, around 20 students won the divisional level and represented in district level competitions.

Teacher In Charge - Ms. Yavani Jayawardhane

President - Jithmal Meegoda

Secretary - Nisal Gunathilaka

Treasurer - Ms. Padma Weerasinghe

Sinhala Literary Association

Established -

Objective - Motivating students to raise and develop their creative skills on literature on intra and inter school level and develop their literary taste.

Teacher In Charge - Ms. D. Manel / Ms. D. A. D. Neela

President - R. A. Nuwan Madhushanka

Secretary - Isuru Lakshitha

Treasurer - Dileepa Sandaruwan

Traffic Control Unit

Established - Year 1973

Objective - Control vehicle traffic inside the school and near the school to for the convenience of the students and safeguard them.

Teacher in Charge - Mr L.H. Anura Prasad

President - Dilum Madushanka Perera

Secretary - Shehn Sankalpa Yapa

Treasurer - Dhanuka Hasaranga

Commerce Society

Established - 1990

Objective - To impart practical knowledge about commerce subjects.

Victories achieved in the 2011.

  • Overall championship at Nalanda, Mahanama, Vishakha, and Anula Vidyalaya in ‘Commerce Day’s.

Teacher in Charge - Mr Jayantha Walgama

President - Gayanaka Senaratne

Secretary - Dulan Nadeesha

Treasurer - Rukshan Jayasinghe

Political Science Society

Established: 2010

Objective - To impart practical knowledge about political science.

Tasks accomplished in the 2011.

  • Displayed a stall for ‘Anada Abhiman’ exhibition.

Teacher in Charge - Ms. H.A.N. Renukanthi

President - Pramith Ganearchchi

Secretary - Ishara Amantha Karunaratne

Treasurer - Buddhika Pathirana        

Bank of Ceylon ‘Ran Kekulu’ Student’s Society

Established - 1995

Objective - To improve student’s savings within the college, and make awareness of functioning of a bank to students.

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011.

  • Launched savings projects in the college.
  • Displayed a stall with BOC for ‘Anada Abhiman 125’ exhibition.
  • Sponsored Ananda Commerce day.

Teacher in Charge : Ms. Asha Perera

President - Shanka Perera

Secretary - Irosh Achinga Kodithuwakku

Treasurer -  Wishwa Sampath

Biology Society

Established - 2002

Objetive - To improve Knowledge in Biology

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011.

  • Held an seminar on ‘Gene-Technology’ for the benefit of students of college and  neighboring schools with the participation of university lecturers.
  • Displayed a stall for ‘Anada Abhiman’ exhibition.

Teacher in Charge - Ms Mallika Kariyawasam / Mr.  M.W.S.Ruwangana

President - Dimesh Perera

Secretary - Thisura Vithana

Treasurer - Thisal Gamage 

Astronomical Society

Established: 1999

Objective - To hold lectures and arrange practical sessions to advance the knowledge in astronomy for college students. To uplift their skills to National and International Levels. To establish astronomical societies in Schools Island wide share knowledge with them and take Sri Lanka to a foremost place in this field.

Tasks accomplished and victories in the 2011.

  • Won two gold medals and silver in Sri Lanka Astronomy and Astro Physics Olympiad.
  • Out of above a Gold Medalist got an opportunity to participate in International Astronomy and Astros Physics Olympiad held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2012.
  • Secured first place in Astronomy Olympiad held in Dharmaraja Vidyalaya  Kandy, Mahamaya Girls School Kandy, Gothami Girls School.

Teacher in Charge -

President  -

Secretary -

Treasurer -

Photographic and Film Society

There are many reasons for not being 1946 another year for the history of Mother Ananda. It is the year we became one of the most prominent and earliest found societies in the school as “Photographic and Film Society”.

From that memorial day onwards with experience of 67 successful years Ananda College Photographic Art Society rendered an immense service to mother Ananda and gifted many talented personalities who play leading roles in this field. Among them, Mr.D.B.Nihalsinghe , Mr.Daya Thilak Godamanna as well as internationally recognized photographer for Reuters Mr.Anuradha Lokuhapuarachchi are some of these proud products of our society.

Sri Lanka School’s Photographic Federation

In the year 2007 the ACPAS along with The National Photographic Art Society, Image Art Society and the Image Art Faculty of University of Kelaniya, was able to re-establish the Colombo schools Photographic Federation which was undergoing a long time after 1990s.

The founding President and Secretary of the federation were Akila Darshana Panditha (President of ACPAS – 2007) and Rusiru Siriwardana (Secretary of ACPAS – 2007) who were leading personalities in re-establishing the federation.

Established: 1946


  1. Populizing photography as a form of arts among the students.
  2. Introducing Art Photography to students.
  3. Letting young photographs to show their talents.
  4. Letting them to going more knowledge an photography by organizing lectures series conducted by sophisticated professionals.
  5. Introducing portrait photography, lighting photojournalism etc. along with Art Photography.
  6. Letting students to study photos of professionals in the industry.
  7. Letting students to improve their talents by organizing all island inter school photographic exhibitions and competitions.
  8. Improving and maintaining communication and interaction among the school photographic clubs.
  9. Letting students to fill themselves with the knowledge of modern aspects and trends about the technology and industries.

Past Projects

2001- Ananda seya – Interschool photographic competition and exhibition.

2001 – Pilibimbu ’01 – Photographic Magazine.

2004 – Pehesaraniya – Inner school and Interschool photographic exhibition and competition.

2004 – Thewana Esin Lowa Dakimu 1 – Workshop conducted only for Anandians.

2006 – Pilibimbu ’06 – Inner school and inter school photographic competition and exhibition.

2006 – Thewana Esin Lowa Dakimu 2 – Interschool Workshop.

2007 – Pilibimbu ’07 – Interschool work shop, inner school and inter school photographic exhibition and competition.

2008 – Pilibimbu ’08 – Photographic Magazine competition and exhibition (inner school and inter school). A documentary about photography and printing.

2008 – Thewana Esin Lowa Dakimu 3 – Inter school workshop series.

2010 – Pilibimbu ’10 – Photographic Magazine, Inter school and inner school photographic competition and exhibition.

2010 – Thewana Esin Lowa Dakimu 4 – Workshop series.

2012 – Ananda 125 – Photographic exhibition.

2012 – Thewana Esin Lowa DAkimu 5 – Workshop.

Board of Officials for the years 2013-2014

  • President – Mayantha Shaveen Manamendra.
  • Secretary – Himaruwan Chandrathilake.
  • Treasurer – Deelaka Wimalagunarathne.
  • Exhibition Secretary – Kisal Sudaraka.
  • Chief Organizers – Peshala Kalansooriya, Hasitha Sandaruwan, Chamath Geethan.
  • Asst. Secretary – Maneka Meththinda.
  • Co-ordinators – Sachindra Jayasinghe, Santhusha Ambegoda, Thrindu Jayamal Liyanage.

Presidents From year 2004.

2004-2005 Rakitha Wijenayaka.

2005-2007 Banu Mapalagama.

2007-2008 Akila Panditha

2009-2010 Sameera Aloka Bandara.

2010-2011 Anuja Perera.

2011-2012 Keshan Chanaka.

2012-2013 Shakya Gurudasa.

2013-2014 Mayantha Shaveen Manamendra. 


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