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All rates are per day, unless otherwise noted.
Basic Faclity Rental: Rs.60,000/= per four hours (with A/C)
Note: Additional time with A/C will be charged at Rs.15,000/= per hour
Advance Payment: Rs. 25,000/= (included in basic facility rental)
Security Deposit: Rs. 40,000/= (refundable)
For rehersals: With A/C Rs.7,500/= (per hour)
Without A/C Rs.3,000/= (per hour)
For Lights: Rs. 1,000/= for one paracan lamp (per four hours)
Electricity Bill: Rs. 5,000/= (if lights are supplied from outside) (per four hours)
Lighting Technician: Rs. 2,500/=
Sound Technician: Rs. 2,500/=
Additional Technical Staff: Rs. 1,500/= (per person)
Labor charges: Rs. 2,000/=
Additional Security charges: Rs. 750/= (per security guard)
Optional Charges
Additional time for decoration and hall arrangements. Please note that only five hours prior to the day of performance will be allocated free of charge. In case of additional hours, Rs.1,000/= per hour will be charged.

Use of the Kularathne Hall is contingent upon the understanding, acceptance and adherence to the following policies. Please review and initial in the spaces provided by each of the following policies. If your application is accepted, a copy of their policied will be returned to you with confirmation of your rental. If you have questions, concerns or need further clarrification, please contact the Manager of the Kularathne Hall, whose name and contact number is stated below.